07 July 2013

Standard Chartered - Seeing is Believing

A few days ago I was lucky enough to get the chance to shoot one of Standard Chartered Bank's corporate social responsibility programs called Seeing is Believing. In the small the town of Irbid in Jordan, funds raised from Standard Chartered's program have allowed a local hospital to provide state of the art eye care treatment, especially for people with eye related problems as a result of diabetes. Its always encouraging to see big corporations giving back and making a difference.

06 July 2013

Jordan Amman

Just got back from a huge day shooting in the streets of Amman. I have a ton of images to edit but whilst backing up all my data I edited this one quickly as I really liked it when I shot it. Its the main Mosque in downtown Amman just after afternoon prayers as people leave the mosque.

05 July 2013

Jordan Market Scene

We walked through a small market in Irbid, Jordan during a lunch break before getting shots at the Standard Chartered Goal program in the area. Here are some selects from the market...

04 July 2013

Jordan Metal Recycling

I'm in Jordan on my second week of shooting for Standard Chartered Bank. Jordan has possibly been my favorite country to shoot in so far. The people are great and people generally dont mind having their photo taken which is a nice change from working in Africa. Yesterday was my first day shooting in Amman and we spent the morning getting some really cool shots of one of Standard Chartered SME's, a metal recycling business. Great light and lots of cool busy action to photograph.

02 July 2013

Desert Tributaries

Sometimes when landing in a new country I pretend like i'm landing on some new planet. Probably a result of me reading too many sci fi books on planes. Whilst taking off from Egypt i took some shots of the awesome patterned landscape of the Sinai Peninsula below me. These could be the surface patterns of some other planet, in a dorky way I get really excited by this...

Ghana Portraits

Just wrapped shooting for Standard Chartered in Ghana. Shooting there was a lot more tricky than I was expecting as people really do not like getting photographed. Luckily on two occasions I had Ken with me who ended up being a great fixer and was able to talk some people into letting me photograph them. Here are a few portraits I shot whilst walking through one of the many crowded markets of Accra.

01 July 2013


I read a pretty good article about the state of the world and how pretty much all of the worlds problems are a result of overpopulation. Strange how this is never really mentioned anymore and so much focus is on things being renewable, green or sustainable. How about some focus on population and how to educate people not to have so many kids...

I think its possible to capture a scene like this in many of the worlds cities nowadays... kinda scary.