07 May 2015

Waterval Boven

I've been terribly lazy with updating this blog. Hopefully i'll find the discipline to keep updating more often.

I've just returned from an amazing trip in Waterval Boven where we spent two weeks climbing mostly without rest. It was awesome. I hardly had the time for a single climbing shot but managed to squeeze some scenic images in on our way back to camp etc.

10 July 2014

Rice Vietnam

Im in Vietnam shooting for Standard Chartered. I had a fun morning shooting with some farmers outside of Ho Chi Minh City as they worked in the rice fields. They seemed to find it very entertaining that I was willing to take my shoes off and get down on my knees in the mud to get shots. I like low angles though especially when you can shoot through thick leafy plants :)

08 May 2014

Perfect Sunset

Had my camera with me during a perfect sunset over Brittania bay the other day. Shooting when the light is like this is real easy a lot of fun

15 April 2014

Goodbye Lagos

Today I head back home after a pretty successful shoot. Lagos is a crazy city with a population of about 18million. Thats about half the population of South Africa in one city! Survival out here cant be easy and as a result its a very dog eat dog environment, only the toughest survive.

I've travelled to Nigeria for work 5 times now and each time I come back i'm impressed by how much this place develops from previous visits. Still it feels wild out here.

In my 5 trips out here I have seen, a plane crash on the runway before our jet was set to take off, a camera man colleague almost being dragged out the window of our moving bus by area boys, my car surrounded by area boys banging on the hood and threatening to shoot me, a man being mob beaten on the side of the road, a dead body lying in a gutter on the side of the road, an army soldier flooring a man who mistakenly walked into a cordoned off area, a car overtaking us at highspeed on the highway without a rear wheel and driving on only the sparking wheel rim, and police man firing an AK 47 into the air in the middle of the cbd to settle an argument.

09 April 2014

some Nigeria

Another big shooting day in Nigeria. I probably lost about 4 litres of water sweating in these crazy hot and humid factories. My camera took a bit of a beating but I got some cool shots though...

07 April 2014


Day one of shooting for Standard Chartered Bank in Nigeria done! really tough working out here. This the view from my hotel..

03 April 2014

part of a story

Spent an hour in Khayelitsha today getting some shots for a possible short photo story. This is Lutho Mentoor who is my subject for the short. This shot taken in her room as she gets ready for school. She shares with her room with her mom and the rest of her siblings.

31 March 2014

the real field of dreams

Trying to shoot a quick short story before heading off on my next client shoot in Nigeria. Hopefully i'll have some time to post a few more images here as I go along. In the mean time here is a panoramic I shot of the field which was created as a Safe Hub for Khayelitsha kids to play soccer, learn, and grow, in a safe environment. You can check out some of the great work by Amandla Edufootball who made this field here:


14 March 2014

Another Table Mountain Day

Still feeling jet lagged and tired from my recent work trip to Mexico I spent the day yesterday on Table Mountain with Jimbo and Clint trying to get some trad shots at the Jeopardy Wall. I think this is probably the most challenging climbing areas I have tried to photograph in terms of rigging (which Jimbo or Clint do for me) and also in terms of trying to get a shot that looks like anything half decent. The light is pretty much always difficult, and the wall itself is so textured its near impossible to get a sense of the line or steepness in a shot.

Here are a few selects from yesterdays attempts ... more time up at the ledge needed...

Jimbo starting the crux on Triple Jeopardy

Jimbo mid crux on Triple Jeopardy

Jimbo hanging out on the Jeopardy Wall

Jimbo taking a huge whipper off Squid and Whale

Tame dassie at the ledge

Clint working Atomic Sky

01 February 2014

Atomic Sky

Went up Table Mountain today with a group of friends and managed to get a few cool shots of climbing beast and legend, Clinton Martinengo, on his new project Atomic Sky, it looks mean! The mist rolling in added a nice effect too