31 August 2012

Going Back

I was scanning through some of my shots from the past year and found this one which I never got round to editing...

Shot in Haiti in the Notre Dame Cathedral which is still in ruins after the devastating earthquake

20 August 2012


Today I took two hours to get some shots in one of the townships, possibly my favorite shooting location. This is something I have been developing this year and something which i'm growing to love more and more. Today however, was the first township shoot where things started getting a little tense. I'm taking more equipment and shooting bigger set ups, which invariably draws more attention. After a few shots today I had a rather large crowd gathered around me, when people started discussing cash for shots things started heating up. After a few discussions things calmed down and everyone seemed to be happy again. Driving back my mood wasnt the greatest but i'm taking this as a lesson and not a deterrent  Shooting in the townships is growing and i'm going to have to manage more situations like this ... its part of the process. Learn, adapt, continue, with good intention...

10 August 2012

MadRock in Rocklands

I've been spending a bit of time in Rocklands this season. Its been great, and the vibe up there this year has been one of the most chilled and enjoyable I have had so far.

MadRock asked me to grab some shots of one of their athletes Juliane Wurm on some of the boulders she had sent this year. Another very strong young climber and another cool person to spend a day shooting with.

The Hatchling 8A+ at Kleinfontein

Caroline 7C+ at Roadside

Black Mango Chutney 8A at 8 Day Rain sector