26 March 2012


I took some time to go check out Jimbo working the moves on route a recently rebolted at The Mine called Frank grade 31. It was midday so light was not great but i got to test one of my new pocket wizards out. I'd like to go back with more speedlights and at a better time of day and see if I can grab a better shot. Anyway here is the shot for that day.

08 March 2012

Some medium format portraits

This probably my last batch of shots from the trip. A few portraits taken on my Yashica of some of the really amazing kids I met on the way.

07 March 2012

Liberia in Black and White

Here are some of my 120 film scans from Liberia. People often ask me my favorite countries in the world and I have always mentioned Cambodia because of the people. Now when people ask me i'll probably say Liberia and Cambodia. In both countries there is something special about the people and the energy they have. This is definately a place I want to come back to someday.

Mechanics in front of their workshop in Monrovia

Liberian Smile

Cutting coconuts to sell for their juice

Haiti in Black and White

Here are some scans of shots taken on my medium format in old black and white film. There is something special about shooting through a viewfinder which sits at waist height, or as I sometimes like to shoot with my Yashica on the ground. I'm definitely going to start taking this camera everywhere with me, i've also just ordered a film scanner so I can process and scan my own film.

Life goes on in Haiti, woman sit selling chatting whilst selling good in the market.

This side of the wall ruins and filth the other side market life goes on

A man and his son in the ruined shell of Notre Dame Cathedral

Mountains of filth, a man walks past.

02 March 2012

last shots from Haiti

Later today I leave Haiti for my two day journey back to Cape Town. I'm looking forward to getting back, cleaning up all the weird bugs and parasites that have found home on my body here and getting stuck into to some of my new projects. Adjusting to normal life is usually a little difficult after a trip like this, you feel a little disconnected for a while.

A boy sits with his wheel barrow amongst the piles of trash

An old woman crosses the ruins and piles of rubbish in the city of Port au Prince

Scars of the quake can still be seen everywhere you look.

01 March 2012


Yesterday morning we spent an hour visiting a local market to get some cutaways for the video we are making. The market surrounds an empty building site which is now trash dump site and toilet. Since the earthquake the government services are barely running. There is no rubbish collection so the streets are piled high with trash. People burn the rubbish so driving through the city you pass numerous burning piles, the smoke filling the streets with an eerie light and sickly smell. This market was a disturbing mixture of foods, medicine and sim cards surrounding piles of burning trash, human excrement and flies. Life goes on in Haiti.

A young boy walks past burning rubbish surrounded by hundreds of flies in a market in Haiti.