31 January 2012

Deep Freeze

I scanned the news last night to see if I could find out what excatly was going at the protest I shot yesterday, so here is the story.

The area is called Deep Freeze situated on the outskirts of Maccassar industrial. Cape Town Municipality is planning on cutting water to fix some pipes and are planning on erecting some shared toilet facilities for the residents. Obviously residents are not happy with this at all, would you be? Underpinning the anger of residents is a looming eviction action. Even though residents have lived on the land for over 50 years they have never received titled deeds and now the land has been sold to a new corporate who wants them out.

If I was one of the Deep Freeze residents I think I too would be burning tires in the streets. The New South Africa still only caters for a few while the rest suffer...


On my way to shoot and meetup with some of the iStock contributers this morning I noticed plumes of smoke rising out of the suburb of Macassar. Initially I drove past not thinking much about the smoke but something got the better of me and I turned around and went back to see if there was anything worth shooting.

The thick smoke rising out of Macassar was the result of residents blocking the road with burning tyres protesting for their water supply which was about be turned off by the council. Unfortunately thats all I know about the reasons for the protest, but its happening in Cape Town, right now, just down the road.

26 January 2012

Yashica test

My old man gave me his old Yashica Mat 124G medium format box camera. Finally I took some time to get some test shots to see if it works. Unfortunately the light meter no longer functions but it seems that everything else works fine! I'm looking forward to playing around a bit more with this camera and seeing what it can do. Below is one of the test shots, no post except cleaning up some white specs

Sydney and Liyema outside their home in philippi

25 January 2012

The Bradshaw Project

Steve on the crux where he had fallen numerous times before

I have been racking up a decent carbon footprint driving out once or twice a week to film Steve Bradshaw on his awesome project in Oorlogskloof, just outside of Montagu. He's been extremely close for the past few weeks, and even though yesterday, driving out to Montagu was the last thing I was keen for I knew that if I didnt go he'd probably send.

The day before Steve had been out with a stomach bug so the likely hood of a send felt pretty low. Steve even mentioned that the walk up to the crag felt harder. I chose a different camera angle to my normal safety shot on the crux, thinking that if he wasnt going to send I might as well try a new angle. I started rolling a bit before the crux and next thing I knew Steve was cruising through the crux smoothly. He managed to hit and hold the key crimp he had fallen off of numerous times before and was sending the route!! I immediately checked on my cam to see if the record light was on, and prayed that i didnt stuff this shot up somehow.

The route goes at about 8c/34 and is one of the hardest routes in SA! Steve sent after a year and half of work and dedication and I got the shot of the send. Below are some screen grabs from the video clip. Soon I will compile the short video.


lower down on the route about to move into the crux


Steve sticking a key crux hold

19 January 2012

iShoot iStock

Today I shot stock. Glossy, bright, smiley images to sell as student orientated stock images. What made the day work really well was working with Siya, who can drop a perfect smile on queue every time and Georgia, who helped me get the best out of the natural light we were working with this morning.

18 January 2012


After dropping Sydney off from work today I quickly popped in to say hi to the family. Liyema already knows my name is was super excited to see me, he loves the camera as you can see.

12 January 2012

More from the townships

This year i'm planning on shooting a lot in the townships. I havent exactly come up with a very clear reason yet, but ideas are starting to take shape.

This shot was taken of an unemployed lady Thobeka and her child in their single room shack in a very poor part of Phillipi. Once again i'm humbled by seeing the way people live just 25 minutes down the road from me. I'm hoping I managed to capture an element of the hopelessness I felt whilst being here.

Five Stars

Today was the first day where I hired Sydney as my fixer into the townships. We both still have a lot to learn and to work out but driving around and meeting people only opened my eyes to the endless photo opportunities in the area. Things can only get better from here.

This first shot is of Somwabile in front of his hair salon in Phillipi.

11 January 2012


I took my camera out climbing with me for a change and managed to get a shot of my friend Live working the route next my project.

Thruster 26/7b at Supertubes, Montagu