11 June 2011

Waiting for the light

Sometimes its worth it!

First Light

Dawn Session

I'm on a shoot doing sound for ITV in the Eastern Cape. Its beautiful here and whenever i get a chance i'm gonna try steal some time to get a few shots. This morning i joined the main camera man, producer and a game ranger on an early morning dawn session to try and get some time lapse mist shots. While this was happening i managed to steal a few shots, one which is steal being edited, the other two below.

moments before sunrise

The crew enjoying the show while the timelapse camera ticks away

07 June 2011

Spelling Aside

Here's another shot from the guerilla run in New York. The model is Nancy Cameron who apart from being drop dead gorgeous and really easy to shoot has a creative mind like no one I have ever met. She is in New York and is about to take over the advertising world there as an Art Director. Check out her website at www.spellingaside.com

Nancy Cameron - Art Director - www.spellingaside.com

04 June 2011


So after my lighting and retouching seminar in Manhattan I tried applying a bit of what I learnt to some of the shots I had saved for just this. I will upload more of them as I edit them. Still a lot to learn but the ball is rolling and it all seems possible now. This was shot with one light, guerrilla style on a street in NY.

Jade Hunter

03 June 2011

Steel and Glass

another on the way home from yesterday's seminar shot...

02 June 2011


Today i attended a great seminar in Manhattan all to do with lighting and retouching for studio model shots. I'm loving the challenge of learning a new side to photography and growing my experience. I managed to grab a a quick two shots on my way home ... they have nothing to do with studio or retouching ;)

NY cab racing down 7th. Slow shutter and tracking to get the motion blur.

Reflections of the NY skyline

01 June 2011

New York

I'm in New York for a week visiting Nancy. Yesterday I finally took a bit of time to get some New York city skyline shots. It really is amazing seeing Manhattan light up from the Brooklyn side of the River. Trying to find something unique was a challenge and i think in the one shot i got this. I also tried to get the usual NY skyline shot perfect :)