07 October 2010

One for the Road


Another shot from Andrew and Irene's wedding, the key moment of any wedding, the kiss :) I was a little rough in getting this position, there were one too many photographers crowding around the couple, but luckily my camera is a lot bigger and most people moved out of my way after i give them a shove. Once I finish editing these shots I'll put up a little slide show of the wedding.

Next stop Italy for one week. I'm hoping I'll get a chance to spend at least one afternoon checking out Florence, but we'll see...

06 October 2010

Celebration - Andrew and Irene's wedding

Irene's mother leads Andrew, Irene and groomsman Alain to more celebrations involving huge amounts of beer drinking and meat at the Angala residence

This past weekend I bought a last minute ticket to Namibia so that I could go be a part of the celebration of my good buddy Andrew's wedding to the stunning Irene Angala. It was a mixture of two very different traditions yet it still came together perfectly! I wasnt planning on doing any photography this weekend, but with all the action happening around me i couldnt stop myself, and threw myself into the thick of things snapping away wildly for both days! I think i got some really awesome shots which is probably quite easy with such a unique event. Thanks Andrew and Irene for letting me be a part of this, it was awesome and inspiring!

I'll probably upload another shot or two of the wedding as I get to editing more of them :)

Andrew and Irene and just some African plain we found :)