15 April 2014

Goodbye Lagos

Today I head back home after a pretty successful shoot. Lagos is a crazy city with a population of about 18million. Thats about half the population of South Africa in one city! Survival out here cant be easy and as a result its a very dog eat dog environment, only the toughest survive.

I've travelled to Nigeria for work 5 times now and each time I come back i'm impressed by how much this place develops from previous visits. Still it feels wild out here.

In my 5 trips out here I have seen, a plane crash on the runway before our jet was set to take off, a camera man colleague almost being dragged out the window of our moving bus by area boys, my car surrounded by area boys banging on the hood and threatening to shoot me, a man being mob beaten on the side of the road, a dead body lying in a gutter on the side of the road, an army soldier flooring a man who mistakenly walked into a cordoned off area, a car overtaking us at highspeed on the highway without a rear wheel and driving on only the sparking wheel rim, and police man firing an AK 47 into the air in the middle of the cbd to settle an argument.

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