14 March 2014

Another Table Mountain Day

Still feeling jet lagged and tired from my recent work trip to Mexico I spent the day yesterday on Table Mountain with Jimbo and Clint trying to get some trad shots at the Jeopardy Wall. I think this is probably the most challenging climbing areas I have tried to photograph in terms of rigging (which Jimbo or Clint do for me) and also in terms of trying to get a shot that looks like anything half decent. The light is pretty much always difficult, and the wall itself is so textured its near impossible to get a sense of the line or steepness in a shot.

Here are a few selects from yesterdays attempts ... more time up at the ledge needed...

Jimbo starting the crux on Triple Jeopardy

Jimbo mid crux on Triple Jeopardy

Jimbo hanging out on the Jeopardy Wall

Jimbo taking a huge whipper off Squid and Whale

Tame dassie at the ledge

Clint working Atomic Sky

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