08 September 2013

Rocklands with Steve part 2

I always edit my favorites first so the post before this in my opinion has better shots. However here are some of the other shots we got which I kinda like.




Nutsa (The standard angle)

The Hatchling (standard angle)

Mooiste Meisie

Mooiste Meisie

Rocklands with Steve Bradshaw

Spent a really cool weekend in Rocklands shooting images of Steve Bradshaw on some of his projects and some of his recent sends. Many of the classic hard boulders have been shot hundreds of times so whilst we did get images of the classic angles we also tried to be a bit more inventive and shoot some new angles... Here are a few of my favorites.

Out of Balance

Pinch of Herbs


The Hatchling

04 September 2013

Cape Fertility Clinic

After spending the morning shooting 28 head shots I had 5 mins to quickly grab a group shot of the four doctors at Cape Fertility Clinic. One of them is my dad, take a guess which. Didnt have time for a fancy light setup or to scout a location but this kinda feels cool and I got them to pop a bit with my speedlight off to the side