30 April 2013

Sanparks dog unit

I spent the morning with Sally Mellish from Black Dog Studio shooting portraits of the Sanparks dog unit wearing their sponsored Rogz gear. Sally focused on getting the more natural run and gun shots which gave me opportunity to set up my portable strobe for the more posed images. The landscape at Noordhoek beach has a kind of surreal quality to it especially early in the morning which I really enjoyed using. I had lent most of my lenses out to a friend so as a forced challenge I shot all the images with one lens, my 16-35 which is still probably my favourite lens.

24 April 2013

Vital Voices - Global Leadership Awards

I havent posted for a while. The reason being that i've been keeping the images I've shot aside for the yearly Global Leadership Awards held by Vital Voices. I like to think of it as a type of Grammy awards for people involved in development work for women. Instead of writing out descriptions of all the award winners and the work they do I have attached links to the corresponding Vital Voices pages. Take some time to check out what they do, its all pretty impressive. The video links are for the short movies I worked on with Georgia and Aaron which played on stage just before the awardees received their awards.

I'll spread these posts out a bit so it isnt just one overly long blog post.

Tep Vanny - Cambodia,
follow the link below and watch the video for info

Tep Vanny confronts police during a protest march in the capital.
One of the many affected residents staring out the window of her home near the lake.
Tep Vanny with her children standing on what used to be a lake

One of the villagers praying in her home

Tep Vanny standing in a street in a village next to the lake

Tep Vanny with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards.