24 March 2013

Oliver Kahn

This past week I photographed Oliver Kahn as he visited Cape Town to discuss a partnership with local soccer NGO Amandla EduFootball. Amandla has created a very successful safe-hub where kids can learn soccer and other life skills on a world class astro turf soccer pitch in the middle of Kayelitsha.

Their model has been so successful that they are now looking to expand the idea and create more of these safe-hubs in some of the poorest areas in the country. This is a really brief summary of the great work they do. I'd suggest looking at their website for a more info


Kids playing soccer on the astro turf field in Kayalitsha

Oliver Kahn hanging out with some local township kids

Kids playing drums on the sidelines on overturned refuse bins

The possible site for Amandla Edufootball's next safe hub and soccer field

Oliver Kahn signing new soccer balls for the kids

Oliver Kahn with one the Amandla Edufootball staff walking through Kayalitsha and discussing some of the problems kids in the area face