09 January 2013


After shooting portraits with Margaret yesterday in Phillipi, Sydney suggested we pop by the local shebeen near his house. I left most of my gear in the car and just went with my camera and a single lens. Most of the time was spent chatting over a beer but the guys asked me to get some shots of them hanging out and playing pool. People in the townships are alway a lot more welcoming than you expect, Its not often enough that us complacent whiteys take the time to meet and interact with the people we live with in this country. If you do it will most likely be a much friendlier and easier going experience than you expect.


Today Sydney organized an hour to shoot with one of is friends from Phillipi, Margaret. We drove a bit away from where I normally shoot in the area to an empty field where I could get a sense of Phillipi in the background. Clouds were moving fast today and the sun was in and out constantly, which made getting a correct exposure tricky. We managed some cool shots though and telling Margaret that I thought she looked like Xhosa queen really helped her get into the right mood. Thanks to Sydney for the light wrangling! Here's one of the selects