06 November 2012

Editorial Portraits - Sally Mellish

A good photographer friend of mine Sally Mellish, asked me to get some editorial portrait shots of her for an upcoming article about her and her studio in the January issue of Fair Lady.

For those who dont know Sally's moving story. Her old studio was situated above a night club in Observatory which was petrol bombed creating an inferno which burnt everything including Sally's studio to ashes. A few days later Sally was attacked in her home, as well as assaulting her the intruders took the last of Sally's camera equipment. This is a very brief summary of what happened and as terrifying and sad as it is I dont believe this is Sally's story.

Sally's story is about not giving up but opening up and continuing the dream. Days after the incident she was on the lookout for a new studio so she could continue following her passion. Photographers and other industry people pooled in to help her rebuild. Here is a person who in the face of devastation, never gave up her dream and at the same time never stopped sharing her dream with others.

I took a number of photographs for the article. The brief being some shots of Sally in her new studio and some with the old studio, plus a few extras. We could have opted for shots that showed the hurt and tragedy but this is not Sally. So instead we chose to shoot shots that were happy, that gave a sense of optimism. Its rare that one meets a person with so much hope and positivity and i feel privileged to know her.

Here is one of my favorites of her in front of the old studio. Go check out the new studio here!

Sally in front of what remains of her old studio which occupied
the top floor of the building behind her.

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