20 August 2012


Today I took two hours to get some shots in one of the townships, possibly my favorite shooting location. This is something I have been developing this year and something which i'm growing to love more and more. Today however, was the first township shoot where things started getting a little tense. I'm taking more equipment and shooting bigger set ups, which invariably draws more attention. After a few shots today I had a rather large crowd gathered around me, when people started discussing cash for shots things started heating up. After a few discussions things calmed down and everyone seemed to be happy again. Driving back my mood wasnt the greatest but i'm taking this as a lesson and not a deterrent  Shooting in the townships is growing and i'm going to have to manage more situations like this ... its part of the process. Learn, adapt, continue, with good intention...

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  1. Love it! Great work Micky. Cherry