24 April 2012


Some of my climbing shots from last year used in a feature in German sports magazine Loox.

20 April 2012

USA Today

Images of mine from Nigeria used in USA Today feature.


One of my portraits from India a while back used on the back cover of Newsweek.

Somoa Girl

A quick portrait I grabbed while trying out my new Tilt Shift lens. Still a lot to learn when using this lens and I refuse to shoot those miniatures that everyone seems to use these lenses for!

14 April 2012

Portraits for Coconut Farmers

I just arrived in New Zealand after a few days in Samoa. Again i'm working for Vital Voices and we're out here shooting interviews and gathering footage for a video vignette on a woman who has mobilized local coconut farmers to produce pure organic virgin coconut oil. Most of the time i'm helping out with sound and the video so not shooting stills that much but I was asked to get some portraits of the coconuts farmers on one of the farms. I had waited for a bit of time for the light to settle even though we had to rush off for another interview which meant we couldn't wait for the best light. I tried to capture a bit of the location atmosphere in the portraits as well as the people, loving my remote flash to fill in the light!

05 April 2012


A portrait of an old Samburu woman taken on my Yashica, old style straight up centered black and white.

02 April 2012


Last night whilst shooting with Georgia for Vital Voices we stayed in the remote Kenyan village of Enoosaen in the Trans Mara hills. We were filming Kakenya one of the most inspiring people I have ever been privileged to meet. Her story is amazing and I would suggest you take time to read about it and look at her website. She has done something truly remarkable and made a huge difference to the girls of her village.


The image is from the night we spent at Kakenya's mothers house. No running water or electricity, here Kakenya (center) laughs with her family in the kitchen whilst preparing the evening meal.

Elephants Eye

Just arrived in Cameroon after a few days in Kenya. Its a beautiful country and the people are really amazing and friendly. Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to shoot many stills for myself as Georgia and I were rushing around trying to get shots for the Vital Voices opening film. At a lodge we were staying at for a night however an elephant came right up to the fence to grab some food. I managed to get this shot with Georgia's camera. Elephants are cool!