25 January 2012

The Bradshaw Project

Steve on the crux where he had fallen numerous times before

I have been racking up a decent carbon footprint driving out once or twice a week to film Steve Bradshaw on his awesome project in Oorlogskloof, just outside of Montagu. He's been extremely close for the past few weeks, and even though yesterday, driving out to Montagu was the last thing I was keen for I knew that if I didnt go he'd probably send.

The day before Steve had been out with a stomach bug so the likely hood of a send felt pretty low. Steve even mentioned that the walk up to the crag felt harder. I chose a different camera angle to my normal safety shot on the crux, thinking that if he wasnt going to send I might as well try a new angle. I started rolling a bit before the crux and next thing I knew Steve was cruising through the crux smoothly. He managed to hit and hold the key crimp he had fallen off of numerous times before and was sending the route!! I immediately checked on my cam to see if the record light was on, and prayed that i didnt stuff this shot up somehow.

The route goes at about 8c/34 and is one of the hardest routes in SA! Steve sent after a year and half of work and dedication and I got the shot of the send. Below are some screen grabs from the video clip. Soon I will compile the short video.


lower down on the route about to move into the crux


Steve sticking a key crux hold

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