31 January 2012

Deep Freeze

I scanned the news last night to see if I could find out what excatly was going at the protest I shot yesterday, so here is the story.

The area is called Deep Freeze situated on the outskirts of Maccassar industrial. Cape Town Municipality is planning on cutting water to fix some pipes and are planning on erecting some shared toilet facilities for the residents. Obviously residents are not happy with this at all, would you be? Underpinning the anger of residents is a looming eviction action. Even though residents have lived on the land for over 50 years they have never received titled deeds and now the land has been sold to a new corporate who wants them out.

If I was one of the Deep Freeze residents I think I too would be burning tires in the streets. The New South Africa still only caters for a few while the rest suffer...

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  1. as one of the plaques says, SA is still ruled by apartheid only now it is an "economic apartheid" - Scott