26 October 2011

Addidas Rocklands

I spent a day in my favourite place in the world Rocklands shooting two of Addidas' recently sponsored rock climbers Melissa Le Neve and Katharina Saurwein. They were super inspiring climbers to spend time with for a day, sending 8a's with ease for the camera. They were also just really great people to hang out with. Here are a few of the shots from the day. More can be seen on my website at www.mickywiswedel.com

Melissa Le Neve (left) and Katharina Saurwein (right)

Kathatrina sending Black Shadow 8A+

Melissa cruising on the classic highball Creaking Heights 6C+

Melissa sending The Rhino 7B+

Melissa sending The Hatchling 8A

checking out moves on The Hatchling

Katharina working The Hatchling 8A

Katharina on Barracuda 8A

Melissa sending Nutsa 8A+


  1. Hadn't taken climbing shots in sooo long, nice to know i can still pull something out the bag

  2. Really awesome pics Micky, but adidas is spelled with 2 d's (adidas)