20 April 2011


I finally got round to editing Andrew and Irene's wedding photo's from last year. I have uploaded them in three different galleries for people to check out. Just click on the text that says 'PART 1' etc to open the galleries...

Gallery 1 (click me)
The day before the wedding day. The grooms party carry gifts and a cow through the streets in celebrations to the brides party for approval by the bride and her parents.

Gallery 2 (click me)
Its wedding day! this is the church part of the ceremony

Gallery 3 (click me)
After the proceedings at the church it was back to Irenes parent's house for celebrations more gifts, food, dancing and general good times :)


  1. It might be easier to right click and select open in new window for the links :)

  2. Dude, you rock! Good memories, eh...?