23 September 2010

India part4 processing

A young girl rescued from trafficking holds back a shy smile behind the protection of her teddy bear.

When working on projects such as these the amount of information and emotion you are exposed to is huge. Yet when working and shooting stills you don't seem to feel it, as your focus is so directed to getting the shots. As soon as you are finished however, then slowly all the feelings start to creep in as you process the experience. When I was in Cambodia it happened when I was browsing photo's on my last day at the hotel, today its happened while looking back at shots in my lounge. Behind the shots are stories of rape, forced sex slavery, abuse, torture and HIV. It fills me with a hopeless sadness and despair in what we humans have created of our world. Yet as Sunita Krishnan of Prajwala says ... If a girl who has faced hundreds of rapes and multiple abuses can learn to smile again, then there is hope.

I wish i could do more, i want to do more, i will do more. Everyone in the world needs to become aware, become conscious and learn to care. We should all be trying to make a difference in the world, what else could you be wasting your time on?

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