20 September 2010

India part3 a Gift

A young girl at one of the Prajwala schools who chose me as her brother by giving me a hand made bracelet :) Something simple yet possibly one of my most moving experiences

Another young girl at the Prajwala school who asked us to sign her work book

Today something touching and moving happened to me which made me happy and sad at the same time. As part of our current project with Vital Voices we visited two of the Prajwala schools aimed at breaking the cycle of prostitution, by providing good schools and a way out for children of sex workers. The kids were amazing, so enthusiastic, warm and welcoming, and their smiles beamed with hope.

Whilst running around trying to grab a few shots in the short amount of time we were there, one of the girls came up to me and tied a bracelet she had made with paper, ribbon glue to my arm. I was later told that at this time of year, girls in India make these bracelets in order to celebrate brotherhood, and give them to their brothers. It was something so simple, yet to me I felt totally speechless that she would choose me for such a gift. It also made me feel the need to do more, how can there be so much injustice that happens to kids like these who have so much innocence a potential? 

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