14 September 2010

India part1

Anita (center) the nurse at the Shakti Vahini center in India assists Dr Gita (left) as she performs a medical examination on one of the local sex workers

I'm India working for the Vital Voices Global Partnership as they host an Asian womens summit in Delhi, India, to work on solutions for issues facing women in the region. Today I was fortunate to spend a few hours visiting one of the Vital Voices partners, the Shakti Vahini center, which works on tackling many of the issues surrounding the sex trade in India. We are trying to organize a visit to one of the brothels on Saturday and hopefully I will be able to shoot there, I think it would be vital in helping to create a better picture of the environment these women are faced with every day.

Its been while since working on a shoot such as this, and its always a humbling reminder of how many real problems in the world there are, and how there no where near enough brave and thoughtful people trying to make a difference. I hope that someday I will be able to be a part of making a change for the better.


  1. go Mix go , you are young enough to do it

  2. You make a difference already - but keep going!