11 September 2010

Flashback - one for the road

Nadine Methner sending 'Cool Like That' 29 at the Scoop, Montagu

Probably my last post for the next two weeks as I'm off to India for a shoot! Its been a crazy week trying to organize things whilst at the same time trying to finish the video of our trip to Spain which is now known as 'Viva la Vida' or 'Live the Life'. As with all projects like this, it never quite feels complete and the fact that I had to rush finishing it off doesn't help that feeling. Its done though, and will be showing at City Rock on Wednesday and then at the Waterval Boven Rock Rally later this month. After that I'll post it online for everyone to see or download :)

The shot of Nadine I took a while back, its been used in the upcoming Western Cape Rock and Road poster although I think they did some strange editing to it. Hmm I think I might need to return to Montagu soon to start finishing up some projects and working on some new ones ... like 'Cool Like That'

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