09 September 2010

Flashback 1

Daniel Jung on the crux of his new route opened this year 'Jungle Speed' 9a in Siurana, Spain

I have quite a few shots in my image library which have never really been published anywhere. Occasionally when I haven't been shooting for a while I browse through my library and find all these cool shots I had shot a while back but never used. So to give these shots a little airtime i'm going to post them in this blog in the gaps when I dont have new material to upload. This shot of Daniel I grabbed quickly while we were setting up to film his ascent of the climb, which is can be seen in our Spain holiday vid which is coming out soon! What made shooting this route tricky was that the crux was pretty much at the 2nd bolt so most of the action was happening near to the ground. I do like the greenery on the left of the shot which kind of works with the name of the route.

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