28 June 2010

Working for Aliens

Sometimes i think i might just be more privileged than most. Although i'm no where close to making millions with my work the places i see, people i meet and things i experience are worth more to me than anything money could buy.

I have just returned from working on a shoot with two very good friends Georgia and Uga on a very interesting documentary called the Incredible Lightness of Beings. I will post the web address once their web page is up and running. The very short of it is the story of South African woman whooshed of to space in the 50's by an amorous alien and zipped back with a message of living in a world of peace, love and oneness with nature.

I remain an open minded positive skeptic, but do believe that message of a time for change on our planet is true and i wish people would start doing something. I also wish for the end of politics and big corporations which have sole purpose of creating growth and profit... Anyway i will continue to try do my bit.

One great thing about this shoot is being able to shoot behind the scenes stills. Sometimes time is an issue as i'm trying to shoot stills, record sound and help Georgia with setting up her shots but its all good and when you're around cool people it seems easy.

So the photo's are of Credo Mutwa, our first interviewee. His knowledge of African history is amazing and spellbinding, i think i could listen to him for hours. Besides, i way prefer the history he speaks of than the boring blabber we learned at school.

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