23 June 2010

A new challenge

So this week i have been spending time taking shots at City Rock. This turned out to be a far greater challenge than i imagined, even though in hindsight i think i should have seen it coming. No light! The gym is busiest in the evening and at that time the only available light is the house lights, this means i'm shooting at ISO 1600 with an f stop of 3.5 and and shutter of 30s. All of this shooting action while i'm hanging on rope ... hmm definitely super difficult trying to get things sharp. It does make me wonder about the new generation 5d's though, i wonder how noisy they are at their high ISO settings with the new chips and all.

Regardless, i'm pretty stoked with what i have captured. Tomorrow its off on another shoot, and some behind the scenes shooting, it should be fun although i'm not looking forward to 4a wake up :(

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